Villages don't stop growing

I don't know whether this was intentional or not, but on my 25x23 world I decided to just let 3 civs to develop solo - in Italy, Ukraine and Denmark. I came back 20 minutes later to see there would just be long and ugly villages panhandling across the map taking up all the space where dozens of smaller settlements could be established. On top of that, the villages will only ever use up a rough 15% of their land to develop buildings and the rest is a no man's land. The enjoyment of leaving the game to run by itself in a simulative manner is practically dead, as I will just return to 6 kingdoms on a massive map, and about 14 villages to share between them (yes, this did happen on the 25x23). Wish I could share a screenshot, but most villages maximum size was more than 300.

TL;DR = Villages take up too much valuable space for other villages and it's hard to manually establish settlements without mods.

I hope Maxim and Mastef consider to review this, and nerf back the village size.

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Comments: 1

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