Bow Revamp for Balancing

To be fair to melee fighters here I also suggest: (Not necessary all, but maybe a combination of some of these.)

• Archers shouldn’t be able to shoot over mountains. Unless they’re stepping on a tile of similar elevation.

• Steeper learning curve, level 1 archery should be really inaccurate in contrast to a level 10 archer.

• Bows need crafted arrows, and that requires wood and iron. (and feathers)

• Archers can only carry limited arrows.

• Arrows also hit trees & houses as obstructions.

• Arrows' effectiveness is reduced exponentially by armor of better quality/material.

• Arrows should have negligible knock back, compared to melee.

• Arrows can be blocked by shields.

• Arrows shouldn't be able to knock down stone buildings.

• Arrows shouldn't be able to hit multiple opponents, or at least a rare occurrence reserved only for the most skilled of archers.

• No more traveling arrows when the time is paused.

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Comments: 2

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